Flagler Surf Star…Robbie McCormick

In it’s lifetime Flagler Beach has played host to an amazing amount of surfing talent, Frieda Zamba being the most famous with many others paving the way and following after in her sandy footprints.  A new name to add to the list…Robbie McCormick a young man with a tremendous competitive edge, natural talent and clear vision on what he plans to achieve in his surfing career.Robbie_pose


Robbie was polite to sit and chat with me while all his buddies were getting ready for their afternoon surf session so I tried to make it quick- Just turning thirteen Robbie has been surfing since he was four.  His big brother inspired him to paddle out; “it was so much fun I just never stopped.” He surfs everyday if possible and his favorite thing to see on the horizon are clean 5ft peeling rights. He loves to surf contests so I wanted to figure out why-

What do you like about competing? I like surfing heats with my friends and winning.  I’m pretty competitive because of my younger sister Kelsea, we would always have foot races in the yard when we were little.

Do you have any rituals to get you ready for a heat? I stretch and say a prayer

Do you have sponsors helping you? I just joined the O’Neill Team, Sully’s Surf Shop, Team A-1, OAM, Arnette Sunglasses and T&C Surfboards– All of them are very supportive and help me out with the things I need.

A-1 teamSully’s Surf Team

 Who are your surfing inspirations?  Jordy Smith because of his style and fluidity– and he rips!

Cory Lopez a Legendary Florida boy and of course local Jimmy Blumendfeld!

What’s your big move? Air Maneuvers! (defying the laws of gravity on a regular day at the office)

Sequence1sequence 3sequence 2


Dream Surf Trip- Where are you going and who’s going with you? My dream is Hawaii and I get to go there this winter with the O’Neill Surf Team and my Coach Jamie Ridgewell- He has been by my side since the beginning.

What is your goal in surfing? Right now I am focused on making the WCT (World Championship Tour) and I want to win the Pipe Masters by sixteen.  I have been working hard on practicing my maneuvers. My coach Jamie also has me doing training exercises to build muscle and I run a lot on the beach.  I have also started to do Yoga, which has been really helpful.

Do you try and eat healthy? Yes, and I love fruit smoothies- Mango & Banana are my favorite!

North Side or South Side? South Side

What’s your favorite thing about Flagler Beach?  Everybody’s nice, there’s no major fighting


Photo: Jim Dunn

Robbie recently won the Men’s Pro in the Mayday Memorial Surf Festival this past weekend and just claimed two titles at NSSA Regionals in both 12 & under Open Boys and Explorer Menehuene divisions.  In June he will be traveling to California to compete in the NSSA National Championships.  Robbie has an amazing future ahead of him and I wish him the best of luck on his journey! And for Being a Flagler Surf Star– Robbie receives a free premium membership compliments of Surfline!

Robbie Sequence


Sequence Photos: MIT Photography


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