Spontaneous Tuesday…got married and published a book!

Spontaneous Tuesday… I almost missed you because I am so SPonTAneous!

Since yesterday was a holiday- a very important one- I decided to give myself the day off but never fear… living by the seat of pants I managed to cross off yet another bucket list item this weekend- I married someone and I am ready to share my news with the world.

I actually married two of them- to each other and it was a beautiful moment that I will treasure dearly.  Standing in the sand, asking for I do’s and then with “the power vested in me by the State of Florida” I pronounced them man and wife.  As friends and family cried, yelled and cheered they later commented that I actually started to glow when reciting that one particular line.  I agreed saying I felt the light and if they would like to speak with me further they would need an appointment.  Just Kidding- you can talk with me anytime you like… as long as I am wearing my robe.

Kristen JJ


On a more seriously awesome note…Today the Josh Crews Writing Project celebrated the first round of author book signings and accomplished it’s first major goal of teaching students the steps in to getting a book published.

The Writing Project formally started two years ago when a good friend of mine, Josh Crews died in a car accident.  He was a large spirit whose legacy was the stories he could tell and the adventures he lived while creating them.

The book signings are taking place at each school with a small celebration for both authors and parents.  Each published child received a copy of the book titled “Write On” which is also available for sale through the schools and at Amazon.com.  There will also be several copies available in all the school libraries.  All proceeds from the book will go back into the Writing Project for future endeavors.  My Oprah A-ha moment came while attending one of the book signings  when I realized we may have changed a few of these students lives… pretty amazing!  You can read more about this years project here.

write on_1


To purchase a copy of Write On! Check it out here on Amazon!

write on_2

Phoenix Academy: Authors, Publishers, and JDC’s Mom and Dad 🙂

write on_3The Josh Crews Writing Project is a program through the Flagler County Education Foundation in which I serve as a board member and am the committee fundraising chair. .  This year our fundraiser event will be held October 26, 2013 (save the date on your calendar–it’s fun!) – for more information on the writing project or the event please email me at flaglersurf.com@gmail.com.  All money donated  is tax deductible and put into programs where we can receive matched funds through the state to better facilitate our mission: The Flagler County Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit direct-support organization committed to generating financial support and awareness to enhance educational programs that benefit students and teachers in Flagler County Public Schools.

It was a pretty decent day at the office– don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for Naturally Cool Wednesday… Cheers!island-times-footer