Cart Life Thursday…you will never believe what I saw!!!

If you didn’t get the memo…Flagler Beach allows you to drive around in Golf Carts…Awesome!

The greatest part about cruising in a cart is all the neato stuff you see while the wind blows through your hair and bugs fly into your mouth.

 Recently there was a sighting from a cart that might just blow your mind…



You’ll never guess in a million years what it was…never…ever…ever…

I was always told they became extinct…some folks even claim they have never existed-

but I don’t believe any of them…

because I have actually seen one in person.

You want to know what I’m talking about — don’t you ???


A Unicorn!!! But not just a Unicorn…a Unicorn in a Golf Cart!!

Yes Folks…only in Flagler Beach- and that is why I love living here:)

Cheers and Laughs-

Check in tomorrow to see what’s cooking on.. FRIDAY>FOOD< FUN

The Legend of the Unicorn

He, the mystical creature

He, who vanished from the land
When there was too much hate
He left
When we began to separate
Realms Of Enchantment - By Marilyn Alice Boyle
Its mystery is its magic
Like a rainbow
Something no one can hold
A sweet song
The legend that longs
To be told.

By: Shelly Hays