Friday Food Fun…Beet Burgers!

food-fun-headerWell it’s Friday and everyone has to eat – so why not make it fun- and try…Beet Burgers?!?

I must confess that as a child when the dish of beets appeared on our dinner table I would cringe in disgust, make strange guttural noises and shrivel up my face to resemble a dried out peach pit.  However, I always managed to fish out the smallest beets and quickly choke them down, adhering to the strict house rules of no dessert unless everything on the table had been tasted. Sugar inspires you to do amazing things-

It wasn’t until a few years ago when I attended a baby shower for my midwife that I actually ate beets on purpose.  They were of course covered in a lovely helping of goat cheese—and I’m embarrassed to admit I’ll try almost anything if it is paired with cheese. As I stared down at my purplish stained covered fingers I realized I liked beets and wanted more of them.

 beet burger

Which brings me to Beet Burgers…the other day a most wonderful friend of mine Lisa T.  posted a photo of a crimson patty that was virtually food porn. She had just purchased a basket of the Beta Vulgaris from the most recent Naturally Cool –ECO Farm and was inspired by a friends Facebook post. She got to blending and a chopping and Shazaam…a delicacy her meat and potato-loving boyfriend couldn’t resist.

The greatest part about the beet burger is that if you are really excited and really hungry– you can eat them before they are even cooked- nice right? Needless to say I can’t wait to make a batch of my own and hopefully my “perseverative feeding disordered” family members will be just as dazzled by their splendor as I am.

These are Lisa T’s modifications to the original linked recipe here:    These vegan beet burgers were amazing! We worked around ingredients  we already had at home. We used diced mushrooms instead of lentils, sunflower seeds instead of pumpkin seeds & added 2 tablespoons of melted butter because they looked a bit dry. Didn’t have oat flour, so we used regular white flour. We will definitely make these again if Pasang has more beets! — at Nature Scapes ECO FARM.

So there you have it folks– Good Food Fun on a Friday- Hope you have a great weekend!

Cheers and Happy Eating 🙂




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