Monday Reflection…this is my life

Have you ever laid with your eyes closed on a float in the ocean?  Taking it past the impact zone where you can feel the tranquility of the water and the happy shrills and shrieks diminishing in the breeze.  Squeezing tightly to the edges, you try to unwind while resisting the urge to open your eyes… just in case a rogue wave happens to cross your path.  Absorbing the warmth of the water puddled around the crevices made by the weight of your body, you begin to surrender to the strength and efficiency of your flotational device. The ocean rocks you into a hypnotic trance as your hands fall with submission into the coolness of the abyss, bringing you a tingle of refreshment from the sweltering sun that manages to evaporate the perspiration from your brow before it can roll down your emblazoned cheeks.  Getting lost in the space between consciousness and a dream with your only map to reality being the lapping of waves reaching for the moon.  Your cares, worries and problems begin drifting away between the rise and fall of the swells.  A smile transcends the tightness of your salt filled pores as your body contours to a ride of water bouncing along the sandy floor.  An emerging state of total bliss… and then… oh crap over the falls you go as you simultaneously reach for your sunglasses and bottoms causing you to tie your discombobulated appendages up into knots all the while your face is receiving an unnecessary exfoliation from crustacean corpses.  As you drift into shore among the bubbles of whitewash your hope is that when you find your feet all the strings that need to be tied are still found among your person.  You toss back your newly dreaded locks to reveal the stares that watched the incident unfold and rush to fetch your renegade raft that fled the scene with no remorse for your predicament.  As you laugh out loud trying to downplay the ridiculousness that just unfolded in front of your family and friends, you are assured that it’s happened once to almost every beachgoer that enjoys the water.  After sitting for a moment in the shade and enjoying a cool refreshment you begin to forget the incident…until you get home and take off your bathing suit only to find a substantial amount of sand had surreptitiously concealed itself within the confines of your bottoms. Darn those secret pockets!