Spontaneous Tuesday…I got hot with some Yoga.

Today I did something pretty spontaneous… I attended a Bikram Yoga Session-

Bikram yoga, often referred to as “hot” yoga is a powerful and intense practice because it does so many things at once. Bikram yoga has a medicinal-like aspect in that it helps and restores the body, mind and spirit to a healthy, invigorated place, offering a cardiovascular workout along with the yoga element.yoga pose

  My friend Lisa is actually the culprit for my class attendance and theoretically I did get to ponder my decision overnight, but I wasn’t  100% until this morning so that counts- right? I have had many friends and some family folks give “Hot Yoga” a try and the feedback was questionable.  Mainly because it is so hot and today I got to feel the burn in person.  To be fair, I have attended many yoga classes and really love the practice.  By the end of most sessions I am so relaxed that on occasion I have started to drool and snore–  very embarrassing!  But oh my goodness the heat- I figured maybe they were trying to recreate an Ashram in India experience.  However after 20 years of purposefully abusing myself I must confess that I really enjoyed the experience and look forward to my next sweaty session.

FYI* if you are pondering the thought of attending a “Hot Yoga” class, drink lots of water–before and after.  Also don’t be afraid to wear hardly anything- apparently you can come in your underwear and it’s acceptable 🙂 And if you are really lucky there will be a women in front of you bending into unreal poses who is at least 8 months pregnant, just in case you feel like being a wimp and giving up.

For Hot Yoga in your area: http://myhotyogalounge.com and http://bikramormond.com *Note- I attended the class in Ormond- Good Stuff!

Cheers and be sure to check in tomorrow to see what’s Naturally Cool 🙂