Spontaneous Tuesday- Full Sail University meets Flagler Surf Club…

It happened in a moment…Matthew Gallitelli, a student and director in training from Full Sail University was visiting friends for the day at Flagler Beach when he observed what looked like an awesome family reunion.  Tents stretched out on the sandy landscape, surfboards lay scattered about and kids old and young were doing what they do best- surfing, laughing, running around and being kids.  The vision intrigued him and when his professor assigned the class a documentary film project, Matthew immediately knew the subject he want to capture.  His only obstacle was finding out who these beach people were.

surfclub 8

 Being a resident of Orlando he made the trip over on a Saturday with fingers crossed that he would recognize a familiar scene.   He was sorely disappointed but took a gamble at the nearby surf shop Z-wave to inquire the identity of the people he observed.  The salesperson knew exactly whom he was referring to, the Flagler Surf Club and told him they meet almost every Sunday in that same location.  The next day he made his way to the beach and found the ringleader Joe Eddy to explain his intentions…it was kismet.

The story line of the film is being centered on how the Surf Club transformed from a family of 6 into a community of over one hundred. It will reveal all the amazing events the club  has sponsored and the needs it has filled within our county.  The documentary will also capture a close perspective into how the club has affected and changed the personal lives of Joe and his family.

This past Saturday and Sunday Full Sail University was represented with 8 students and armloads of equipment.  They spent two full days on the beach recording all the antics and shenanigans that go on during family beach day and were welcomed to join in the fun and with some special added surf instruction… donning wide smiles they eagerly accepted the offer.


 The documentary is a collaboration between: Sophie Church, Kayla Sawyer, Kally & Kaity Williams, RJ Roser, Hershel Hatcher, Mikayla Ragovin and Dir. Matt Gallitelli.  It will be pared down to fit within the 7-minute parameters assigned for the class but will be lengthened to approximately 30 minutes and entered into this year’s Florida Surf Film Festival.  Wishing them all A’s and a possible Blue Ribbon for their efforts and so thankful they stumbled across this treasure found on our beach. Cheers and Happy Surfing:)

For more info on the Flagler Surf Club or to find out about their feature film documentary you can check the website or updates on Facebook.—or maybe join in the fun and become a member yourself- Sunday is family beach day just south of the pier – unless there’s a surf contest of course;)