Friday Food Fun- Woody’s BBQ n Creek Livin’= finger licking good :)

food-fun-headerThis week on Friday Food Fun I am throwing a rib bone out to Woody’s BBQ and my good friend Creek Livin’.

Woody’s BBQ, located at the Flagler Beach I-95 exit, just added breakfast to their menu and while it is difficult for me to cross the bridge, we did manage to find ourselves a table the other morning. I was doing double duty by attending a meeting- so that’s my other excuse for leaving town.

When I first thought of the Friday Food concept, I actually visualized it as something for me and the kiddos to do during summer break that would be yummy, sneak in a little bit of writing and get to know some of the local eateries on a kids perspective.

This blog entry of “Do you have a kids menu?” will be our first attempt…

The other reason for spotlighting Woody’s BBQ- besides the fact that they serve kids for free on Thursdays is that they are tremendous givers in the community and which totally deserves them two high fives and a fist pump!!

biscuitsSpecial K ordered some biscuits and gravy…his only complaint was that I got him a half plate instead of a full and forgot to add some extra sausage.


Lil’ P while eyeballing her brothers scrumptious plate of food received herself a “giant” kid-sized pancake… that just so happen to also look like a Heart <3, which worked out great because she loved it!

And to answer our question…“Do you have Kids menus?”… 

I do believe a big fat yes is in order 🙂


But it doesn’t end there… because what goes great with BBQ??  BBQ Sauce!

Last week I was overwhelmed and busy so I didn’t have time (because I wait til the last minute :() to do a proper feature on my friend Creek Livin’ which could be considered the ying to my yang.

maria n horse

Maria Henry a life long resident of Flagler County is the beauty and brains behind Creek Livin’ and while our closest memories were spent on the beach dreaming about all the tasty snacks we could create if we owned  a food dehydrator,  she now spends her time living a life that you seriously could watch on Reality TV– for all the good reasons.  Her motto is: It’s not just a way of life; it’s the ONLY WAY TO LIVE!…and her life is full of  huntin’ & fishin’, cookin’ & eatin’, workin’ & playin’… LAUGHIN’ & LOVIN’.  Anything she puts her mind to – she’s good at…and that’s why she is awesome!!




And apparently she’s got the sauce to prove it…so check out Creek Livin‘ on Facebook or at and see how the other half live:)