Flagler Surf Star…Taylor Eddy


Taylor Eddy is excited about entering Flagler Palm Coast High School as a freshman this year and already preparing for her future career as a large animal veterinarian. Taylor knows how to work hard and even better…how to give back to the community, making her a perfect wahine for this month’s Flagler Surf Star.


Surfing has been a part of Taylor’s life since she was old enough to stand on a board.  Her father Joe Eddy, the pioneer of the Flagler Surf Club made sure to keep salt water coursing through her veins and her best friend Jillian Bontempo inspired her to keep paddling out.  This past year Taylor has taken the next step into surfing ESA contests and sustained a secret weapon in the process.  Flagler Beach legend Mike Virginiak has been sharing 5-star surfing advice and it has been paying off in the lineup however, it doesn’t hurt that she comes from a family of 6 and has a ton of  loving support cheering her on from the beach.



I wanted get some tips on how Taylor prepares for her contests- this is what I learned:

What do you like about surfing contests?  I like the social part- getting to meet lots of different people.  I also observe the different surfing styles and try to learn about waves at other surf spots

Do you have any rituals to get you ready for your heats?  Definitly getting time to paddle out before it starts and get familiar with the wave. That way I know the best place to be in the water.

What do you eat to keep your energy?  Lots of Bananas and I make sure to stay hydrated.  I also like to drink protein shakes.

What are your goals in surfing?  I am always trying to increase my skills and definitely just trying to have fun!

taylor and jillian

 Who are your surfing inspirations?  Mike Virginiak, my Dad (and her other secret weapon)—East Coast Champion and close family friend Haley Watson- who has also helped inspire Taylor in the Pageantry aspect of her life.


Do you have a big move you are working on?  360 Reverse—it’s important to always be trying something new.

What’s one of your best surfing moments? Getting to surf Typhoon Lagoon!! – (I’d have to say meetingLegend Rob Machado might be the other one 🙂rob machado

Where is your dream surf trip and who’s invited? Costa Rica is where I would like to go…and I would bring my best friend Jillian and my whole family.

What’s your favorite thing about Flagler Beach?  The Flagler Surf Club– I get to hang out and surf with all my favorite people.  I also love that we help and support different families in the community- it has had a huge effect on my family and me in the best way. 
Taylor Collage



Taylor definitly has both style in the water and on the sand.  It has been a pleasure to watch her become the young women she is today and I look forward to seeing what she does in the future with her surfing and her life.  I wish her the very best–Cheers to you Taylor Eddy 🙂

Taylor’s family was just filmed for a project by several students from Full Sail University featuring the Flagler Surf Club (article here) for the positive role it has played in the community and on their family. The film will hopefully compete in this years Florida Surf Film Festival.  

Taylor will also receive a premium membership from Surfline for being a Flagler Surf Star— High Five– Surfline– for helping out the Flagler Groms!