Naturally Cool Wednesday…”War on Bugs”

Living in Florida we all know and understand that bugs are just a part of our diverse and beautiful landscape.  There are actually over 12,500 species of insects found within our borders and 500 of them exclusive to Florida.  The silver lining in this massive cloud of critters is that if we didn’t have em, everyone would want to live here!  But that doesn’t mean we have to sit back and be tortured. (facts about insects found here and here)


In the last few weeks my “War on Bugs” has been directed towards two specific creatures- one is a cross between gnat and fruit fly.  These winged kamikazes taunt me with nostril and eye lash tickling fly-bys, sometimes even bravely landing on my nose or worse… lips. They are hard to kill and make you appear as a crazed lunatic, arms wildly swatting the air.  At one time it seemed about 2-dozen had taken over my kitchen with their close family infiltrating my bathroom and office. I’m not proud but there have been several massacres- and I think I’m finally getting the edge but I’ve yet to raise my victory flag.  The other culprit lurking around dark corners and in between shelves is the famous cockroach/palmetto bug.  This battle is endless, especially during our humid rainy season and no matter how much control I try to exert- they have an amazing super-power to emanate screams from my body .  I am convinced they will inherit the earth.

Which leads me down the path of what on earth to do?  As we realize that chemicals are the demise to our health- my fabulous mommy friends Megan and Suzie came up with Naturally Cool  solutions to the pesky fly debauchery while I accidentally discovered an approach to rid myself of the roaches.

Megan Neste’s tried and true Fly Elimination Recipe:

Rice vinegar, a little bit of Sriracha hot sauce and a slice of grapefruit- florida preferred (gotta support our farmers :)) Combine all ingredients in a glass, cover with Saran Wrap and poke holes on top with fork. Place glass in your fruit bowl. Trapped 4 within first 10 minutes!! 

fruit fly_3

Susie Adams found her relief from good ole Pinterest: (love Pinterest – you can follow me there…Flagler Surf 🙂

Make a paper cone and put into glass/container. The flies go into the cone aren’t smart enough to fly out. FYI- they don’t die so release outside or handle with care some other way feel appropriate— 7 caught overnight!!fly Collage

My issue was actually with a pesky roach that had taken up living quarters in my car.  Many times I tried to rid myself of the freeloader but there were just too many dark corners to hide in.  Finally I remembered seeing them caught in the bottom of left around beer bottles.  I retrieved one from the recycle bin, added a bit of water and placed it in my center console drink holder overnight.  The next morning I found I had won battle- days later I realized in my garage that I just began to fight the war.

(My suggestion is to use any one of the below choices — or even better you can box them up and send them to me- so I can use them 🙂

beer_2 Collage

Otherwise the War on Bugs will continue on for centuries… just like it has- the positive side is that at least they are still small enough to fit under our shoe-

Cheers and check in tomorrow for Cart Life Thursday

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