Friday Food Fun…is it Fruit or Candy?

food-fun-headerThere’s something about being on summer break that takes snack time to a new level…meaning ordinary just doesn’t “cut the mustard.”  So for the second time this summer we took grapes to a new bracket in the food pyramid…the you should only do this once in a while because they taste like sour patch gummies and you’ll eat so many you will definitly make yourself sick…bracket- and of course I owe it all to Pinterest and the blog A Spotted Pony.

To cause a commotion among the kiddos in your household  you will first need to purchase some green grapes.  Green is recommended because the tartness helps add to the flavor but I’m sure red will work just fine.  The next step is to roll them in “sugar free” Jello. The first time we used cherry and grape and actually rolled the grapes in the powder. This last time around we tried out peach and raspberry and took a shortcut by placing the grapes in a ziplock.  The grapes weren’t coated as evenly, but the kids didn’t seem to mind and there was barely a mess to cleanup afterwards.   After coating your grapes place them into the fridge to chill and within a few hours you will have a delicious snack that is actually pretty healthy.  Two Thumbs Up and an Awesome!  grape Collage

To be safe and not cause major fights we stuck colored toothpicks in the each bowl just to make sure we knew who’s grapes were who’s…and then of course how much fun is it to eat a bowl of grapes with a toothpick- Cheers and happy eating!