Friday Food Fun…Doggie Style in Flagler Beach-


To wrap up the week of dog loving I just wanted to give props to all the restaurants in town that stood up for your rights to dine with your canine friends.  These folks help make Flagler Beach a true dog friendly town and are always happy to serve up bowls of cool drinking water on our hot summer days.   Many of them even play host to events supporting animal shelters like Flagler County Humane Society and Second Chance Rescue-  So when you visit -give em two paws up…

  1. BeachHouse Beanery
  2. Flagler Beachfront Winery
  3. High Tides at Snack Jacks
  4. Java Joint
  5. Johnny D’s Beach Bar & Grill
  6. Oceanside Beach Bar & Grille
  7. Turtle Shack Café

This wraps up the week of Dogs, Dogs, and Dogs—if you missed a bit check out

Scot Koster- expert dog frisbee trainer.

Or our made in Flagler Beach..label Dog Wash and Hot Spot Wound Remedy–

Your dog will thank you!!

and remember dogs are allowed on our beach from 10th st. North and 10th st. South–on a leash of course!

Cause that’s how we Roll… Cheers!