Naturally Cool…If life is food- Artistic Expression is the Spice.

In the last five years I have experienced several life defining moments…one day I will share them with you. Today however was full circle as I played host to the Flagler County Chamber Leadership Class Art & Culture Day.   Two years ago I was standing in their shoes, fortunate enough to be a part of Leadership Class 19 and the amazing experience is something I have utilized and reflected on many times. The energy of our presenters was infectious, as these people have dedicated their lives to coloring the world with their personalities by way of  art, song, dance, theater and any other form of self-expression that emerges from the human spirit.

If life is food- Artistic Expression is the Spice.

If you want to spice up your life…you must check out these organizations.

They are offering programs that suit every kind of person young and old…they are having wonderful events on a regular basis that will make you laugh, cry and stare in awe at the remarkable talent laced within our amazing and diverse community.

flagler fine art festcity rep theater
flagler auditoriumart league     flagler playhouse

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