Cart Life…it’s not a turtle…it’s a Tortoise

Zooming around town the other day, in the cart no less, I happened upon a friend walking her…African Spurred Tortoise!

It was truly a sight to behold- one, because he was beautiful and ginormous but also because she was walking him using her weed wacker– meaning she was dragging the apparatus and the tortoise hurriedly followed behind.  Apparently the love affair began several years back while the  owner was doing her yard work. Not knowing whether the infatuation began because of the vibration omitted, the unique sound or the sweet smell of freshly shwacked grass… the tortoise has developed a major crush.

tortoise Collage

Definitely one of the oddest couples I have ever seen 🙂 But sometimes love has no eyes-

Tortoise Facts:

  • Largest tortoise in Africa
  • weigh 80-over 200 lbs- largest one recored  232 lbs
  •  oldest tortoise in captivity- 54 years
  • the eat grasses and other other plants
  • they are interesting and personable but require lots of space and food if you are thinking of one for your very own 🙂

For more information:African Spurred Tortoise

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