Flagler Spotlight: Who’s your favorite Flagler Beach business?

In an effort to spice things up I figured I would try out a contest…


There are no rules…until someone gives me a reason to make one 🙂

Just leave a comment as to who your favorite business is and a reason why they are your favorite.  At the end of the month I will take the top businesses chosen and have a vote on the  Flagler Surf Facebook page.  The winning business will be the November Flagler Spotlight.

November happens to be one of the busiest months for Flagler Surf because the Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Contest uses the webcam to live stream the action for all their friends, families and spectators.  This means a large dose of free advertising for the folks you love.  So get your fingers ready to do some typing and best of all — support local business!


Kokomo’s Cafe won the Flagler Beach’s Favorite Business Award…read about it here 🙂

Here’s a small but wonderful list of previous Flagler Spotlights:)






Big Easy Pic

flagler video

Thanks for playing and loving Flagler Beach! Cheers!!


  1. Armand Rosamilia

    Kokomo’s Cafe always has my vote for best business in Flagler Beach!

    Armand Rosamilia
    Author of the “Flagler Beach Fiction Series”

  2. Susan Hughes

    Golden Lion! Also I really love Jaspers for little trinket gifts and beachy place setting gifts.

  3. Shannon Stacey Longfellow

    Kokomo’s Cafe! The owners are wonderful and the food and drinks are to die for. I love their shakes!

  4. Donna Cooper- Gibeaut

    Kokomos of course. The food is always awesome and the first time you walk through the door you feel like you are home.

  5. Kim Salmon

    Kokomos! Tina and Mark go out of their way everyday to offer fun and quality to their customers. They are active in the community and the food rocks!

  6. Barry and Joan Harris

    BeachHouse Beanery has our vote. Great food,music,view of the ocean,but most important everyone who works there. Jeff and Carol provide a wonderful friendly atmosphere.

  7. obeys the law

    The Beanery. Always fresh, fun and fabulous! We love the food, drinks, rum cake and the entertainment.

  8. Bill the historian

    Beach House Beanery either for 8 a.m. coffee and meet the great A1A people, or on Friday night at 7 p.m. for music and the coolest spot in Flagler.

  9. mdurigan

    I love the Beach House Beanery. It has a very relaxing atmosphere, the staff is so friendly – even after we’ve been sitting there chatting for sometimes three hours. Best place to go!

  10. Clif

    The Beanery. Wonderful food, coffee and the staff is very welcoming.
    A pleasure to go there a few times a week and feel like family

  11. Linda

    The Beach House Beanery: NICE people, great tasting coffee and food(goodies). Enjoy the company and entertainment.

  12. Christine Moutinho Bentley

    Beachhouse Beanery! Friendly staff, great atmosphere in and out, yummy coffee and treats!

  13. Moe

    Flagler Beachfront Winery! Great wine, tranquil atmosphere, and that amazing ocean view! Did I mention wine sushies?!?

  14. Shelly

    Kokomos for the yummy baked goods and friendly owners. Always a happy feeling when you walk in and if you are lucky you might get some chocolate bacon while you are there. 🙂

  15. Derek Meyer

    Kokomos what can I say the best sandwiches and salads in Flagler beach the owners are great people too. Come on down and try a Dude or a Chinzo salad you won’t be disappointed

  16. Donna Cooper- Gibeaut

    Kokomos is the best by far. Great sandwiches and salads and the deserts are to die for. Great people