Just another day…setting a Guinness World Record!

Today started like most ordinary days…I woke up by 6am, putzed around on my phone, instilled some New Year’s resolution measures by drinking a glass of water and crunching my abominables  abdominals and then headed out the door for a morning sunrise snapshot.  It was a lovely to see the sun since most of the new year mornings have been blanketed in a haze, like the Mists of Avalon…perhaps that is so we can slowly digest this past year and creatively make space for all the changes and greatness we are going to accept into our lives this year- (fingers are crossed.)

IMG_5861 IMG_5879 IMG_5887

 The ocean had reclaimed about 4 feet of sand, uncovering some beautiful coquina and bringing us back to our original sea level and probably also building up some nice sandbars in the process…(fingers are still crossed.)

IMG_5864 IMG_5867

 Then after returning home and feeding the troops… Special K and I carted uptown to help make some history.

The International Distance Skate Association sponsored a marathon distance skate competition and hosted a 1 Mile Guinness World Record™ longboard race, down A1A in Flagler Beach .  The record had previously been set at 3 minutes and 35 seconds held by Steven Sanchez.

NEW RECORD – 2:54.90 was set by Kaspar Henirici!!!!!

Sidra Boyer smashes the women’s record with a 3:30.68 – congrats to her as well!

Final results:
1. Kaspar Heinrici – 2:54.90
2. Will Frank – 2:56.17
3. Robin McGuirk – 2:56.50
4. Miguel Acevedo – 2:57.20
5. Stone Selseth – 2:59.62
6. Rick Schorr – 3:05.01
7. Jesse Howley – 3:07.22
8. Andy Andras – 3:09.34
9. Sidra Boyer – 3:30.68
10. Will Fogel – 3:31.00

Despite the lack of crowds, moral was super high and everyone seemed to be enjoying their stay here in town as some of the competitors traveled as far from Oregon, Texas and New Jersey.  They all thought Flagler Beach is killer little town and were very appreciative of the extremely supportive local law enforcement.

Good Vibes travel a long way…


the deciding moment when the starting line became the finish line…wind induced~


little did we know we were carting the women’s record holder: Sidra Boyer


Special K making his film debut…he caught the start action~


the winner Kaspar Henirici and event organizer Joner Strauss

IMG_5927 IMG_5928

the youngest competitor…finishing strong even with some road rash~

IMG_5930 IMG_5931

getting the winner pic in front of our favorite Atlantic Ocean


celebratory victory swim- Nicely Done!!


carting the winner and #2 back to the park to accept their prize!!

thanks for the stickers BTW 🙂

I’d say it was a pretty good day in the neighbor-hood~


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