Ahhh the sounds of Vacation… A contest!



It’s March and everyone is probably ready for a VACATION!

I know that after a couple of days in the sun I’m feeling great and then these dreaded gray skies make there appearance and my energy level and mood fall to the ground like a coquina rock, leaving bits and pieces of shell everywhere.

Old Man Winter just doesn’t want to let go…so we will just have to imagine that it’s coming to an end… because it will eventually.

So in honor of Bike Week and Spring Break this month’s contest is…

What is your best memory of Vacation or Staycation in Flagler Beach?

The moment didn’t have to actually occur in Flagler but at least comfortable driving distance in the car with kiddos- who tend to argue after too much sitting.  Is it obvious that I’m also looking for some great ideas for our family staycation coming up at the end of the month:)  So that’s pretty easy right?

Rules to Play:

Just leave one of your best Flagler Beach vacation or staycation moments in the comments section…

Website only–Comments on Facebook will not count as entries.

The winner will be chosen at random on March 24th– our first official day of Spring Break!

*Out of Towners* you can just plan another vacation if you win 0r give it someone you love that lives here and will let you sleep on their couch.

 And the prize you ask…why a $25 Gift Certificate graciously donated by:

fuego_1Because how can you not feel like you are on Vacation when having a margarita by a blazing fire pit looking out over the moonlit ocean. Yes, I do believe I live in Paradise…most of the time.

Cheers and Good Luck reliving all those great memories-


  1. Karen Cox

    When i saved enough money to fly to Orlando to get to my sister in Flagler bch I had an awesome time we ate a lot from golden lion and I got to relax to whole time and wKed the beAch. And spent some much needed time with the ocean and god . I will remember tht week forever I love the pics daily it’s so beautiful

    • There is nothing better than spending quality time with those you love and it doesn’t hurt to do it at the beach eating yummy food from the Lion:)Thanks for enjoying the photos!

  2. vanessa hazell

    I live in Palm Coast and everytime I cross that bridge and see Flagler Beach..the ocean..I sigh everytime because it is so breath taking and I think I am so lucky to be living here and to call this place my home and my vacation….Flagler Beach is so welcoming, friendly…I love the pier and the fisherman who are visiting and the locals enjoying their spot..from the local surfers who know the waves to the vistors and surfing lessons enjoying there catch of their wave..to the beautiful color of sand and of course..my second home the water..love love it..we just moved here from Canada a couple years ago and I do have to say Flagler Beach is my one..along with the family n friends of ours that come to visit..fall in love…breathe it in and enjoy and say thank you God.
    Vanessa Hazell

  3. Melissa

    I live in Georgia but can’t wait to get to Flager every summer. We always plan to be there on the 4th of July to attend the parade. We offen have visitors then and bring them along to watch. It has just become a tradition. Lunch at the Lion is a must, then relaxing in the sun and end our day with fire works on the beach. It doesn’t get any better than that.

    • 4th of July in Flagler Beach is tradition and some of the best memories I have! Lunch at the Lion is a pretty tops too- love me some Summer in Flagler Beach:)

  4. Meghan

    I only have one Flagler Beach memory so far. We were visiting my in-laws in Palm Coast last December. All that was on my to do list was to dip my toe in the ocean. My ever-patient husband drove east until we came to the water and Flagler Beach. We drove around a bit and ended up at the park down by High Bridge Road. We waded in the ocean and looked for shells. We ended up being late (and wet!) for breakfast but it was a wonderful morning. We were so taken with your little town we are returning for our 20th anniversary in April

  5. Scott Adie

    Staying at the Whale Watch Motel on AIA in Flagler Beach, while vacationing from Nevada in March 2010, we heard the last Space Shuttle launch in the dark was taking place at 4:30 am the next morning. We thought that would be really something so we got up early and drove down to watch the launch. It was incredible. We returned to Flagler Pier and ate breakfast there. As we ate, we watched 7 or 8 playful dolphins frolicking in the gentle surf on an otherwise glassy sea. It was spectacular. Breakfast never tasted so good. It was a perfect day. We went back to our comfy digs at the Whale Watch and while Judy made a phone call I crossed AIA to watch the waves. There, directly in front of me, an Osprey dove into the sea and with the precision of a laser guided rocket, clutched a small fish. It flew to a telephone pole beside the motel where I watched it eat it’s own breakfast. I thought it could not be any better. That afternoon, we made an offer on the house we now occupy in Palm Coast. Truly it was a great day. Did I forget to mention we love Flagler Beach?

    • There is an abundance of wildlife that we are so lucky to coexist with here…I am lucky to call Flagler Beach home and fortunate to have neighbors who feel the same! Cheers to loving Flagler Beach 🙂

  6. Sandy Hunt

    About 20 years ago, My husband and I went to Flagler beach, for a ” kid free vacation “, We stayed at Flagler Beach Campground near the Pier and Set up a Tent. The next morning, we woke up to the Sounds of the Waves, the smell of the ocean, and the smell of breakfast cooking. The campground had their yearly ” Fathers day , free breakfast for fathers ” day. After breakfast , we cross over A1A, and went to the beach with our blanket. We sat down , watch the waves and seagulls. I looked over to the right of me and seen a trail of baby sea turtles leaving their nest and making their way to the water. At that moment I thought , ” How great is our God “. That nite we went to sleep in our tent to the sounds of the wave, and by 5am, We had the worse lightening storm I had ever seen, I cant believe our Tent held up. At daybreak, we seen the most beautiful sunrise , and again I thought , ” How Great is our God ” . I wish I had pictures, but it was so long ago, I cant find them. We always want to go back to Flagler beach.

    • I bet the kiddos were super jealous after you shared with them all that they missed…It’s amazing what goes on around us when we slow down and look:)

  7. Merissa Henry

    Every summer when I was a kid we stayed in one of Ms. Edna Kendall’s apartments at Flagler Beach for the month of July. Daddy would make hay for her cows out in the country in exchange. 🙂 He knew how much my Mom and us kids loved Flagler beach so he did that for us. He’d drive to our farm everyday and work all day. Thank goodness for the long days because there was still day light when he got back to the beach with us. He would put on his cut off Levi’s and take us to the beach before dinner. My favorite time of the day. 🙂 He also brought watermelons from the farm for us to sell and make some spending money. Banana ices at the Jiffy store!! Yum 🙂

  8. Scott Adie

    We used our Fuego Del Mar gift certificate for a good lunch with friends there on Mother’s Day. They were very busy of course but our server, who was very friendly and cheerful, attended to us regularly during the wait for our meal to be prepared. We expected some delay on Mother’s Day. I had the fresh Fish Tacos made with Mahi-Mahi and they were pretty good. I would have blackened the fish and cut it into chunks for the tacos and it would have been even better. All in all it was a nice place to enjoy a fantastic view and have a decent lunch at a reasonable price. So thanks Fuego Del Mar for donating a Gift Certificate to FlaglerSurf.com for their contest.