Flagler Beach at USA Surfing Championships

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Photo By: Sherry Blevins

If you surf…then you are aware of the serious talent we have shredding our home break. If you don’t surf, we have some serious talent riding out there in our home shore break .  This past week two local kids Robbie Mccormick and Hannah Blevins traveled  to the west side of the country  representing what Flagler has to offer, at the USA Surfing Championships. This contest takes places at the coveted surf spot called Lowers at San Onofre State Beach, San Diego, CA. To be able to surf here for 20 minutes without the normal crowd is a dream in itself,  to get to this world class surfing destination is a whole other story.goat trailphoto snagged from Coach Jamie Ridgewell

The invitation to compete this week is only handed out to a select few surfers from each region of the country and the competition is fierce.

Surfing America is the IOC-recognized National Governing Body for the sport of surfing in the USA. Surfing America is responsible for holding the USA Championships each year and for selecting the official USA Surf Team to compete internationally.

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 photo hijacked from: Jack @j4ckm

This is Hannah’s first time making it to the Surfing Championships and she advanced to the quarter finals.  This is Robbie’s second year competing and he is potentially on his way to the semi finals. Both will compete for the second time at the NSSA Nationals next week at Huntington Beach.

Best of Luck and show em how we do it!

flaglerstyle-Cheers 🙂