Beach Life…struck by a thought.

I didn’t really have a plan this week as to what to write about…(secret: I never really do) and happened to be in the shower during that fabulous thunderstorm (i was hurrying!!), when I was suddenly stuck by the thought…Lightening.

I love a great thunderstorm and to see one at the beach is like rolling up to a 3D movie at the drive-in. Awesome! Added to the fact that Florida is the lightning capital of the United States, second in the world to the county of Rwanda, Africa which has twice as many strikes as we do.

Florida averages about 1.4 million lightning strikes a year. 

Florida tops the national list for lightning deaths with 468 deaths between 1959 and 2013. Texas was second with 216.

Dubbed “Lightning Alley” by meteorologists, the thunderstorms between Tampa and Titusville generate hundreds of thousands of bolts that cause billions in damage each year.

Since 2006, 64 percent of lightning deaths nationwide (238) occurred when people were participating in leisure activities such as fishing, camping, boating, soccer and golf.   Facts taken from: Orlando Sentinel

And while lightning is amazingly beautiful and powerful it should be respected.  So if your having a great time outside and the weather turns for the worst…take cover because who wants to be a statistic.

The National Weather Service warns that if you can hear thunder, you have the potential of being struck by lightning. Lightning can strike even if it is as far away as 10 miles. As soon as you see lightning, count in seconds until you hear thunder. If the thunder is heard more than 30 seconds later — that means it is more than 10 miles away — you are safe. If you hear thunder less than 30 seconds later, seek shelter and remain there for at least 30 minutes after the last thunder roll is heard.

If you are inside during a storm, the National Lightning Safety Institute advises you to stay off the phone and keep away from windows and doors. Electrical current from a lightning strike can run through the wires in your house, so stay off the computer and avoid using electrical appliances, too. If you are outdoors, the safety institute advises avoiding all metal objects, water, trees, open spaces and ground that is higher than surrounding areas. Facts taken from: Orlando Sentinel

Here are some great local lightning photos by Flagler Beach photographers.

Photographer: A.J. Neste

AJ Neste

Photographer: Scott Spradley

scott spradley



Ed Siarkowicz photography is currently on display at:

ed show

There you have it folks- a whole lotta light…Cheers and a great day to you!!