Being different helps…


Flagler Beach has made national and perhaps international news by hosting a 1 in 30 million rare yellow lobster.  The creature was spotted in the Publix lobster tank by an employee and with the help of locals Marybeth Jeitner and Heather Chalmers, has now found herself safe at the Seacoast Science Center in Rye New Hampshire. She arrived at her destination via UPS Overnight Air provided by Mark Murrell, owner of 


The duo is now talking about writing a children’s book with the help of others who assisted in Libbie’s (short for Liberation) Great Re-Location.

This story has been featured on ABC news and Huffington Post.  Pretty cool~ and here’s a quick article about a fisherman who just donated a rare calico lobster  to the Explore the Ocean World Oceanarium in Hampton.

Kind of gives a whole new meaning to Lobster Season this year- Cheers!