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Cheer at the Pier

Surfside Sips & Samples… Join us on the Flagler Beach Pier with Live Music and local restaurants serving food, wine and beer tastings! It’s Flagler County’s Centennial – join the Flagler Beach Museum as we celebrate 100 years of history!…

Palm Carver Jim

If you live in town, you may have noticed a guy cruising around on his bike with a basket full of palm frond boots. Most folks would immediately assume he was collecting kindling for a bon fire since Christmas is…

New year, new goals, new resolutions…and new video.

It’s Friday the 13th and I’m feeling lucky! So… to celebrate here’s my first video of the year and wish for you to have a great weekend! Thanks for being here — Cheers 🙂

Sunday is the day.

Well the day has arrived. I was really unsure about how I was going to handle this amazing life adventure…  Meaning almost everyday I post a picture of my “sunrise view” and that view is about to change drastically! I…

Weeeeeee….. #3!

Okay…you are supporting this.  Can I say “Thank You” one more time because I am starting to have fun! 🙂

Two days in a row. I just broke my record

Other than some annoying technical difficulties, I have now made two videos and received great encouragement from some awesome folks! Thank you everybody for your kindness… Cheers!

Dear K.C. 9-26-16

A question people have been asking…Where the heck is K.C.? We all know that getting a straight answer is out of the question, but at least he wasn’t sending any of us requests for bail money. At least not me…