Donation Station


First, thank you for pushing the button even if this is as far as you get.

In order to function at above poverty level this awesome space has to start becoming financially successful.
(I’ve been here since 2010!!)
So once again I am open to accepting dollars for your viewing pleasure.  In the last few years I was able to replace the original webcam solely by the kindness of others who donated when it broke.  This last replacement, and major upgrade, came out of pocket and was voluntarily installed by my awesome friend at Gwanda! Now in order for the camera to remain a live streaming beautiful view of Flagler Beach, I am being forced to sell myself (and what feels like my soul :)) to continue the service.

Long story short…if you like the cam, please consider donating.

Want to subscribe…Awesome!

If you would prefer to send me a note with cash or checks that would be amazing! I truly love getting to know the folks who adore Flagler Beach, especially when they include presents :))

All checks can be made out to Flagler Surf and mailed to P.O. Box 262 Flagler Beach, Fl 32136,
Just want to let me know that you care and appreciate my hard work, also very cool! Email me at

Every thought counts and every little bit adds up.
Many Thanks, Carla- Flagler Surf