Flagler Surf Series

surf-series-headFlagler Surf Series is a locally run Surf Contest in Flagler Beach featuring:

Micros (push-in)                       Super Groms 9 -under

Boys 10-13                                    Girls 14-under

Juniors 14-17                                Mens 18-35+

Head Honchos 36+                     Womens 15+

Open Bodyboard                         Open Longboard

Old School Retro Circa 70’s Boards

Pro Mens– Pro Womens– Pro Bodyboard — and a $100 Hot Wave Award: Sponsored By Ocean City Surf Co and Freelance Ind.

As an added bonus for the spectators Flagler Surf Series also features:  Tug- of War &   Corn Hole Tournament

For more information on how to enter: Flagler Surf Series

The next Event is February 9th  & 1oth South Side of the Pier.

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