Personalized Sand Scripts

It’s no secret that I take a photo at the beach almost everyday…unless I’m sick or just not near the beach. After posting my beach heart photo for Valentine’s Day…the same heart picture I took and used for my Wedding announcement, I had an epiphany! What if other folks wanted to leave messages in the sand, but didn’t have the convenience of living close to the beach. Aha– I will do it for you!

You are excited Right!? ME too!
Here’s how it will work…

$15 – personalized sand script message. This photo can then be posted on the Flagler Surf >Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profile pages with an added special message. We can set up a specific date and time for this posting.

For an additional $15 you will receive the larger file of your image for printing purposes.

Fun Right! Mind racing with ideas on how to surprise that special someone with a personal note written in the sand.
Send me an email with your thoughts to or call me in person 386-334-9596.