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This design is being trademarked and is also available with your city name!
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The Bridge Shirt
Every adventure has a story… and this one started with a heat press.

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed expressing myself through my wardrobe. When websites started popping up making it easy to customize shirts I began thinking… “I want to do that!”  I did some research, purchased a heat press and waited patiently for my new creative toy to arrive.   When the big brown box finally arrived it was comical how completely overwhelmed I felt with all that power at my fingertips. I unwrapped the metal contraption and then let it sit in the garage for a few days as I pondered… “What in the world do I really have to say that is important enough to wear on my chest?”  Finally, the most perfect visual formed in my brain, a thought I had almost every day…
“Please, don’t make me cross the bridge.”

and the shirt was born.
Do you have a bridge you don’t want to cross…then you probably need this shirt :))