What goes up must come down….. where released balloons really end up.

Warning – the below photo is disturbing, but it is a reality. It is of a Loggerhead sea turtle that was admitted into the Marine Science Center on 6/16/02, and it passed away on 6/18/02.

Cause of death: ingestion of foreign objects









Some of the contents removed from its digestive tract included:

plastic bags, multiple balloons, band aide, cigarette butt, electrical tape, cloth tape and much more.












  1. Robby Rob

    Aww, that is so sad. Poor animal
    I once saw a person go to the beach with a bunch of balloons with their daughter and let them go on purpose. I and several others let her have it verbally but within respect of her daughter.

    I was so disgusted

  2. Kimlyles47

    Disgusting! Yet, every event, celebration and any reason a balloon is in the air drifting. Can’t tell you how many that I have piked up off the beach! Especially the foil type! I am outraged every time I see an event on tv where massive numbers are released! Really! Where do the people think they are going? What exactly is the purpose? Maybe this should be on utube where masses of people will think about what they are “intensionally” doing!!!!!!