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There’s hardly another place on A1A that you can pull up to the ocean and check the waves…

Welcome to Flagler…a beach break that thumps during high tide and a 2nd sand bar low tide that provides gratuitous rights and lefts when optimum west winds and swell are working together. The surf breaks can be really crowded just north and south of the pier… so if you are new to the area or the sport, cruising a few blocks down the beach might be your best bet to having a great session.  While we are frothing over with surfing talent, Flagler Beach’s claim to fame is that four time world champion Frieda Zamba used to live and surf our break everyday, showing up all the folks in the lineup.

However as the tide has ebbed and flowed we have a definitely fostered more surfing talent that’s worth following. 
Professional Longboarder Saxon Wilson.  
Ryan Huckabee ISA Junior World Team Captain 

Aerialist Freak Robbie Mccormick 

Annual Surf Events: 

Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Classic, a contest held in the fall started by the retired surf professional Will Tant in honor of his brother Tommy, who passed away in 1998 from an aortic aneurysm. They raise money for local scholarships and donate to the community food bank.

The MayDay Memorial Surf Classic, another growing and successful surf event started by Eastern Surfing Champion and local Haley Watson.  The MayDay is held annually the Saturday before Mother’s Day. It’s mission is to raise money and awareness of heart disease, in honor of Haley’s mother Dollie Sue Watson.

Surfers for Autism which has become a  community favorite, taking place in August and is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children with developmental delays. This all day surf extravaganza stokes out the children, their families and the many volunteers who sign up to participate. It is truly a life changing experience.

Flagler Board Riders– in its second year as a member of the Florida Board Riders. We host the kickoff contest for the north team divisions each season in October. We raise money for – The Donna Cianciulli Scholarship and the Jamie Ridgewell Tech School Scholarship. We are proud to honor both these Flagler Beach legends of the local surf community.  


Flagler Beach Surfing Info:

  • Beach Break
  • Best waves on low incoming tide
  • Coquina Sand (will stick to you forever)
  • Best seasons- Spring/ Fall
  • Yes, we do have sharks.
  • Flagler Beach Pier has a 150 foot “no surf” zone on each side.
  • Flagler Beach only has lifeguards by the pier from Memorial weekend to Labor day
  • Jellyfish do sting and sure you can pee on it — or use ammonia.
  • Riptides are everywhere and very dangerous…swim parallel to the beach if you find yourself stuck or better yet in a guarded beach zone!
  • Shorepound is named that for a reason.
  • Bowler says” WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN“
  • Be safe and have fun – cause life is too short not too.

Need some gear…head on over to one of these local shops:

Flagler Board Shack: 211 South 3rd st., Flagler Beach, FL (386) 439-0055

Z-Wave Surf Shop: 400 S. Oceanshore Blvd., Flagler Beach, Fl (386) 439-9288 WAVE

Surfing is the Sport of Kings