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      Unfortunately in Internet Explorer the Cam requires an ActiveX PlugIn install. When you visit the page are you prompted with an install message? One thing to check is for a yellow bar at the top of your web browser that is a security message. I am working to convert the feed to a Flash stream but I have no time frame for that at this time as it will require that I move the site to a different server.

  1. Didn’t get the little window, but am running Windows 7 64-bit, and flash doesn’t have a product yet. That clears a lot up. Thanx

  2. BOYD


  3. Ciji Cline

    How Cool!!!!!! All I need now is a sound track of the ocean, a bigger screen an I’m living beach front for 5 mins!! Thank you so much!

  4. BOYD

    I’m a little farther away than Orlando. I check this website every day here in Wichita Kansas, 1500 miles away. Makes me homesick, but we’ll be back in about three weeks. My wife and I stayed there for 6 months last winter. Maybe this time I’ll just stay for good! I’ve been a lot of places around the country, but crossing the ICW bridge into Flagler Beach gives me a feeling of coming home.

    • Don,

      Can you tell me what version of Firefox you are using and what Operating System?

      I have tested it in Firefox on Windows and Mac and it seems to work all right. It is also possible that you have a Firefox plugin installed that is conflicting with the feed though I have not personally seen that

  5. Howdy — we’re buying a home in Palm Coast, and planning to move down soon. This website keeps us truly Excited and Calm about our move !! All at the same time !! Many Thanks

  6. Ben Jaszewski

    I am using Safari 5.0.1 on a MacBook OS 10.6.4, what do I do to get the webcam? All I have is a blue box with a question mark in it. So I must be missing some software, but what?

  7. robert logan

    love your site. We visit the area several times a year. We love Flagler beach. We don’t surf but we do love going out into the surf and jumping the waves. We live the rest of the year up in southern Delaware at the beach. When we are going to visit Flagler beach we check your site for wave conditions. The rest of the year we check your site and mark off the days until our next visit to Flagler Beach. I use Mozilla and it works fine.

  8. KB

    Great cam! Thanks for keeping it up. I love the Flagler pier. Seems like every time I surf there (which isn’t as often as I wish..) there is such a great vibe to the place. Friendly people and fun waves. The way surfing in FL is supposed to be. Thanks again. -

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  10. Ruth

    Thanks so much for your reports. I drive about an hour and a half to get to the beach and it’s great to know ahead of time if i want to come out. Keep up the good work!

  11. B. Wolcott

    Point taken! We live in the mountains of north Georgia, but my son and his family live near Flagler Beach, and it is a treasure! Bravo to those folks who give their time to keep it beautiful. Thanks, also, to you and WetLife Productions for telling the story!

  12. djd

    Hello: could you please re-orientate camera so we can see the pier again. It gives a better perspective on how far out surf is breaking and how high the waves are. Also the palm tree close to the camera shows the wind. Enjoy your webcam very much, am checking in every day from Cincinnati Ohio

  13. Kotch

    I miss seeing the Pier. Without the pier it is hard to tell how large the waves are. Is there any possibility of the camera moving back so we can see the pier again? We are in Baltimore and have a home in Palm Coast and love your webcam. When we are in Palm Coast my son uses the webcam and other info to decide if he should take his surfboard to the beach when we go. Now that it is getting colder here, it is nice to be able to see the ocean and palm trees. I check in everyday.

    • When I cleaned the cam last time around I must have bumped it — you wouldn’t believe the number of requests I’ve gotten to bring the pier back. Spit shake and pinkie swear it will be fixed before the Tommy Tant Contest this weekend.

  14. Ivette Morales

    My husband and I live in Jersey, but own a home in Palm Coast. Every day I check out your site and wish I were there. I love it. Thank you so much. We will be there soon.

  15. Elizabeth B. Herndon

    Thank you so much for the web cam pictures at Flagler. My family and I have been going during the summer to Flagler Beach for 41 years. It is such a great feeling to come over the bridge and see one of the most special places in our lives. Getting to peek at the ocean from South Georgia keeps me looking forward to the next time I get to smell the salt air and feel the ocean breeze on my face. There is no other place like Flagler Beach. It is indeed our home away from home. Keep up the good work!

  16. ☠ Arrrgggghhh! Mate,
    Your webcam works great in Firefox and Google Chrome but not IE Explorer. Perhaps Bill Gates should take a long walk off a short pier. Speaking of piers why isn’t the camera angled to show ALL of the pier??? Also wonder if beach goers really care what time high tide is in Smith Creek? I use the Saint Augustine Beach tides as the closest time for Flagler Beach.

    • The tides hands down are the biggest headache – as the software most used for tidal prediction XTide does not contain a harmonics file for this area. –

      On the IE issue I have offered to pay to have a Red5 server with steam stream set up to get the site to stream flash (which is going to make iPhone users really unhappy) and had no takers.

  17. Ivette Morales

    We were at Flagler Beach Tuesday, Nov. 30. It was a little cold that day. I stood in front of the web cam and was able to wave to my friends in Jersey while on my cell phone communicating with them. It was fun. Love Flagler Beach and love the web cam.

  18. john

    I’ve been hoping for years that someone would do a Flagler Beach webcam. Thanks so much !!!! I will check this everyday from cold N.Y. At least I can feel like I’m in Flagler for a few minutes each day…

  19. Mark

    Greetings fron the ice cold Germany.I love this cam an the people in Flagler. I enjoyed this beautiful beach 1993!
    Thank you and all the best for 2011!

  20. worley

    holla at me if u want to chizzle and rap about some wissles ya heard me peace out stay up or get down alligator later

  21. Joe

    What is with the picture-in-picture on the cam? If it is a motion detection/zoom-in feature, then I think the Palm Trees are being seen by the sensor causing unwanted zooming.

    Great Cam in spite of that, I sent a link to it up to my daughter in NY, she misses the sunshine

    • Sorry, I responded yesterday then moved the site to a new server and the content was lost – the Internet Explorer variation of the Cam is java for best results use a different browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari