Butterfly Month – Swallowtails

August is Butterfly Month so to celebrate I will showcase a couple different species. Today’s spotlight is on Swallowtails.

To the left is a late stage caterpillar Parsleyworm feeding on Bronze fennel. Soon it will find a place to pupate.

The pupa was formed in the chrysalis of the Parsleyworm on the right  on the underside of an Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia)

The Swallowtail on the left just emerged from the chrysalis and is readying for its first flight.

Below is a Swallowtail feeding on Tropical Sage (Salvia coccinea).

If you would like to be visited by these natives then you can start by providing Host Plants: dill, parsley, fennel, carrot, wild carrot and celery. Also remember caterpillars chew so there will be damage.

These photos were taken locally in pesticide free yards. Butterflies don’t like chemicals with their salad, so please keep them in mind before using pesticides in your yard.

For more information on Butterflies and Host Plants check out the below sites: