Dear Abbey…not even close.

Ideas are constantly ebb and flowing through my brain. Some should keep on with the current while others get stuck in a tide pool…letting me soak em up and splash around in them.  This latest one isn’t new or original but has been lying dormant in the back of my mind, until the other day when I felt compelled to reach out and touch someone…through Facebook Messenger of course.  His name is well known if you have grown up in Flagler Beach and his daily rhetoric or rants on Facebook are becoming famous.   It was an obvious marriage of words and clever nonsense that inspired me to start a Flagler Surf advice column:


So while I may have temporarily lost my mind it is undeniable that Kyle…or Mr. Wilson as he likes to be referred to in public, is a talented writer with perhaps a touch of severe emotional problems.  However he can at times be comparable to cilantro…either you like it or hate it.

So now I will turn the screen over to K.C. and leave you with your next decision.

People ask me weird questions all the time. “K.C., What are some of the bigger drawbacks of surfing naked?” or “Have you ever pooped your pants as an adult, while driving?” or “Who are you and what are you doing in my kitchen at 3 a.m.?”, and so on and so forth, you get the idea. I figured as long as I’m fielding strange questions from my family and friends, I might as well let the general public get in on the mix.
Ask me anything, no topics are off limits and your identity will be kept anonymous.
What makes me qualified to answer general questions about life? Nothing at all! But watching a 34 year-old man-child try to give rational answers to complex questions sure will be entertaining, fire away!
I will personally guarantee you fantastic advice and answers in the form of hilarity. 

Disclaimer: While K.C.’s advice and answers may be hilarious, we make no guarantee that it will be good advice and/or answers and take no responsibility for any arrests/public shaming that may occur by following it. In fact, the best bet would probably be to do the exact opposite of what K.C. says. And remember, don’t take this world so seriously, none of us are getting out alive. 
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So what is your question?
Send it to [email protected] with “Need Advice” in the subject line and K.C. will hook you up.