Flagler Beach All-Stars

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 Welcome to the Flagler Beach ALL-Stars Page!  A place where community makes a difference.

There is always something that can be improved and when we commit to working together, changes can happen in a bigger way. The intention of this group is to be able to solve simple community problems and manifest change for the better by utilizing each others resources and strengths, while improving all our weaknesses.

We are looking for ideas, volunteers and action.

The Beginning:

Oprah said, “Everyone has a story.”

Here is ours.

I, Carla was helping decorate the City’s Christmas decorations with Zoee Forehand, Mayor Linda “P” and my kiddos.  It was a rainy, horrible day and no one else showed to help…can’t blame them either.  Our conversation meandered around the best places to purchase tinsel, how busy Walmart was, the most effective way to cover reindeer derrieres,  where in the world was Santa’s pants and starting a Christmas decorating contest. Snap! The first annual “Light up Flagler Beach” was born and the beginning of the Super Cool Positive Community Committee became a spark.

Enter Bradley Krisher.

Brad and his wife Jessica fled the unforgiving cold of Ohio with their adorable kiddos to land happily here in Flagler Beach. Being photographers, they took to our beautiful sand dune and started framing it in amazingly pictorial way.  Brad and I’s first conversation was about him hosting a Santa photo shoot.  The second was him volunteering to take complimentary photos of the “Light Up FB” winners (this didn’t happen because we were winging it and didn’t know how the whole deal would end up;)   Our third conversation was Brad offering to sell his awesome FB photos and donate the proceeds to a good cause in town. Crackle, Crackle!


I reach out to Linda via Facebook (what would we do without it??) telling her I have someone she should meet.  I exclaimed,  “He is very positive,  super motivated to contribute and wants to get involved!”


 The Flagler Beach All-Stars happened.

Our intention is to create awareness, provide unity and make good stuff happen. Seems pretty reasonable- Right?

If you would like to get involved send an email to [email protected] with I want to be a Flagler Beach All-Star in the subject line

or you can connect with us on Facebook to stay current on events, projects and goals.facebook logo

Thanks for being here!