Two Things I See

This piece of paper has two significances…

First, i found it on the side of the road while walking the bridge. this is another spot i wish there were garbage cans. i realize they need to be accessible to the folks who operate the trucks, but there have been so many times that i pick trash up and end up having to carry it. yuck!

The other reason stems from conversations I’ve had with some business owners. it seems that although we are indeed enduring an economic downer, i know folks who would happily hire someone who is not afraid to work. what i mean by that is they may not love or like the job but they aren’t scared to get dirty. They can also show up to work on time and at least appreciate the effort of employment. Running a business correctly is so expensive and trying to employ people is an even bigger burden. In a perfect world i would start a labor pool brimming with competent people who could be shared by many different outfits. That way when someone slows down the helper could move on to where they were needed. But clearly i am too busy handing out my opinions… Smiles to You