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The origin of “Please don’t make me cross the Bridge!”

Killing some time while driving to my newest store location (The Inlet General Store) I figured I would give a little explanation of what “Please don’t make me cross the Bridge!” means and how it got started.

Sea turtle season is winding down in Flagler Beach.

Turtle season is officially from May 1- Oct. 31 and according to, 90% of all nesting happens in Florida. Flagler County has set record numbers this year with over 1000 nests being recorded in August and still more coming…

Ego, Surfing and Life Lessons.

I really want to just share funny stories, which usually turn in to life lessons of course. Hope it puts a smile on your face… cause smiling makes you feel good. :0Cheers and have an awesome day.

Now Seating…party of two.

I’m no longer a party of one!   It has been over seven years since I made my first “Please don’t make me cross the Bridge” shirt.  And while some folks may wonder why in the world I have taken…

Morning Announcements: story time coming soon.

At the risk of repeating myself… over and over and over, I often claim that I want to do more videos but feel uncomfortable taking them. I am also on record for never really feeling a clear direction or purpose…

Another awesome day in Flagler Beach.

This past Saturday I celebrated my anniversary and got to impersonate a social media influencer blessed with an amazing day of being pampered from Ocean Bliss Day Spa. When I fantasize about this alternative life filled with decadent experiences and…

30 days of being Thankful 11-01-19

Today I am thankful for the ability to see the sunrise almost everyday and share it with all of you. Thank you so very much for appreciating my pictures – it truly makes my heart full ❤️

Surfing the Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Contest in Flagler Beach

I first met Tommy when I was 11 years old while attending Buddy Taylor Middle School, he was 13. During our friendship he dated 3 of my childhood best friends and together we shared many unbelievable and hilarious moments. Eleven…