Now Seating…party of two.

I’m no longer a party of one!  

It has been over seven years since I made my first “Please don’t make me cross the Bridge” shirt.  And while some folks may wonder why in the world I have taken so long to make this dream business happen, my short answer… it’s all about timing.   

That’s why I am  beyond excited to announce that Megan Neste is joining my team as the official Director of Order, Creativity and (occasional) Shenanigans. Megan is overflowing with style and the ability to make things look beautiful. She is a wordsmith, adept in critical thinking, overwhelmingly organized and also an amazing mother, wife and friend.  I am very lucky to now have her as a teammate. 

Megan’s first objective is to round up 100 fans for the new official “Please don’t make me cross the bridge” social pages. Please help her succeed by liking and sharing our page. We have some fun plans for its future. 

And thank you so much to all the current support… success is rarely achieved by one person alone. 

The journey has been long but the adventure is now beginning… thanks so much Megan for taking the plunge. 🙂

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We currently sell online for your buying pleasure 😉