Another awesome day in Flagler Beach.

This past Saturday I celebrated my anniversary and got to impersonate a social media influencer blessed with an amazing day of being pampered from Ocean Bliss Day Spa. When I fantasize about this alternative life filled with decadent experiences and beautiful things, I immediately think of the ultra funny Celeste Barber and belly laugh to myself. I don’t handle extra attention well, but am very grateful for the experience I was given.

I arrived on time, got all my papers filled out and was super curious to see the transformation from local bank to decadent spa.  I was not disappointed… The place is beautiful! 

My first treatment was the Body Scrub and Wrap, which took place in the vault… I might add. My epidermis loved the attention and getting lathered and wrapped up like a warm burrito was a bonus. My skin felt amazing but that was just the beginning.  The next adventure was a Swedish Massage with Foot Reflexology. The mind, body and spirit settled in to a welcomed state of relaxation and wholehearted agreement that we all need more moments of self care in our lives, as it brings out the best in us. But the day was only half begun and next on the menu was the Organic Facial. Just say that out loud a couple times…organic facial… and let it resonate on your palate. There’s something about your face being delicately rubbed with delicious smelling goodness that lights a fire in your soul and puts you in your happy place. I was having OM moment for sure at this point but I still had one more treatment… can there be more? The grand finally, icing on the cake, cherry on top -Mani and Pedi. The hand and foot rubbing alone makes this a treat but add melted paraffin wax and it just seals the deal, literally. Throw in some sparkles on the toes and we have a memory that makes us feel like dancing. It was a true day of pleasure, the ladies who made it happen were amazing and I appreciated it from every part of my relaxed senses.

Ocean Bliss Magic Makers- Shelly and Jamie

I’d like to say after that amazing day I went home, drank a bunch of water and fell into a tranquil slumber but I did not. Instead my daughter had my husband and I re-enact our wedding photos, take a trash collecting walk on the beach, hit up the local Dessert Bar for some cheesecake and then finish off our night with a couple of Guinness from where it all went down… The Island Grille. Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of this amazing day… we appreciate you!

A1A all DAY! Best wedding photo ever- by
Photo Re-enactment :))
Me and the Mom
Ready for my day of amazing!
When my feet are happy I am happy 🙂
Trash Picking and Cruising
Thanks for the Guinness and love <3

PS- While I was trying to clear away the monkey mind during my massage I had an idea. I should “pay it forward” and purchased a mani/ pedi gift card that I’ll be giving away to a local teacher. I can’t wait to update how it goes and what will happen in the future- cause making people smile makes you feel good!

So – Cheers and thanks so much for being here! Carla 🙂