A Memory

Growing up here at the beach I often reminisce about the folks I used to see on a regular basis.  One memory that keeps coming up is of a  man named Magoogle.  This gentleman unfortunately was not enjoying the backside of his life as he was battling a disease of severe  alcoholism.   Most of the times our meetings consisted of a friendly nod or hello, but usually I would observe him from afar wondering where his life went wrong.

One crisp morning I had skated up to the beach to check the waves.  As I was heading back to my apartment, Magoogle stopped me in front of the Shell station.  I immediately assumed he was going to ask me for some money but to my total amazement he instead tried to shove a few dollars and some change into my hand.  He told me that I should go get some hot chocolate.  While in total shock I politely refused and thanked him for his kindness.  He insisted and went on tell me his story of the life he used to have.  The details of our conversation are as foggy as that particular morning but my vision of him is clear.  He died years later but I will never forget him as he is another colorful part of this small town…



    Wow, What a nice way to fell the beat of the waves and smell the salt air. Your memories jog mine and I immediately thought of the time in Flagler when I saw my first swallow-tailed kite gliding lazily over the intracoastal waterway. Keep it up.

  2. melinda mcnab ridgley

    hey carla, my dad was friends with Magoogle, his name was jim mcmonagle (i think) and story goes that he was off the charts smart and just fell on hard times. he used to come to our house to shower and dad would always check on him when it got really cold. he died a few years ago and i think my dad made his burial arrangements. i think he had several old time locals (like my dad) that kind of cared for him from afar…another something special about our town. he was indeed a very sweet man and i love that you shared this awesome story. keep up the blogging. love your perspective and creativity. xo -mel