Xavier Rudd

         I experienced a spiritual “energizement” this past evening as my favorite artist Xavier Rudd and Izintaba performed at the House of Blues in Orlando, a moment in time that I have been waiting for.

Xavier’s brilliant performance transcends you on a magic carpet ride through the use of his many didgeridoos, guitars, drums, and harmonica, and the essence of the trio wielded a cosmic power over my rhythmically challenged soul as I danced, clapped, and let my spirit rise to realms of possibility. The beauty of his lyrics make me feel as though he would be a friend and I find myself especially attracted to the songs depicting nature, its magnificence, and our disregard.

   I first discovered Xavier from my well loved and repeatedly watched surf video, The Free Way presented by Billabong.  It was Billabong’s Bunyip Dreaming that revealed my infatuation with the cadenced hum of a didgeridoo, which is just one of the instruments that Xavier transcends.   But to explain further why I feel cosmically aligned with this musical genius, it was during the majority of my pregnancy that I walked tens of miles with his infallible beat and enchanting voice streaming into my ears. He was also present at my daughter’s birth as I looked for solace within his rhythms during my labor.

The symbolic details don’t stop there as his new accompanists, Izintaba are from South Africa which gives Barry a sense of homeland comfort especially with their flag waving behind them on stage.  Add to that he is the first artist we both really enjoy together which feels like instead of a wedding song he is becoming the soundtrack to our lives.

It was a complete night of celebration all the way to the end as I purchased a shirt befitting my infant and waited patiently in hopes of a signature, I wasn’t disappointed. This evening was our significant “first night out” since her birth and the only thing that could have made it better was if I had been able to shake Xavier’s hand and said “thank you!”  Maybe next time—until then I wish him and his whole family the best and recommend for those unfamiliar to open their hearts and let him in ..and for the cherry…his second passion is surfing and he goes barefoot 🙂  Cheers to you all!!!

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