Skateboarding is not a crime…

I haven’t owned a skateboard since mine was “permanently borrowed” a few years back.  The model was a Gravity Longboard skate and I considered it one of my prize possessions.  It was perfect for carving out our flat landscape, taking the overly excited dog for a stroll, and perching a small child on the front to cruise down to the neighborhood park.  I have always been envious of people who can skate ramps and have tried numerous times myself, only to buckle at the last moment before dropping in.  My one claim was on a 3ft ramp at the Encinitas YMCA in California.  After a bit of audience chanting, I dropped in and busted my thigh on the set of keys in my pocket.  Immense pain took hold of my body and apparently dulled my decision-making process as I made another attempt.  It was the second try that was my success; however, the excitement at not falling prohibited me from continuing the run and thinking any further but having gotten safely to the other side.  Three seconds of glory and a mighty large bruise but at least it was mine.

Now I get to live vicariously through my sons accomplishments as he favors skating to any other sport.  Visiting the local park, it saddens me that there is not more effort in making it a nice place to skate.  Visually it is really ugly, reminding me of a prison yard.  Not being a skater I don’t really know how technical it is but in the course of over a year it doesn’t look as though there have been any changes made to it’s setup.  There is also not one ounce of shade to keep the radiance of our beautiful sun from burning your @$$.  Special K in his prime of ignorant youth lasted only about twenty minutes, which was the same for the other two cars loaded with folks.  As they were leaving I eavesdropped in on their conversation of how many other parks there are nearby and how nice some of them are.

This makes me reflect back on something I was taught as a child—if you are going to do something…do it right and give it 100%…or don’t bother…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m stoked we even have a skatepark but isn’t there always room for improvement?


  1. growing up here and having no where to do anything this is awesome for our kids to have a place to skate thats not A1A or 100, because thats what we did…. so on that note, please stop harassing the kids at the skatepark!!!

  2. i grew up in a town where for the longest time we had nothing but the loading docks behind business stores and our friends beat up quarterpipe he kept on the side of the house. Finally around 2000 we got “concrete surf,” the city’s new concrete skatepark. I think some guys from team pain designed it, but it was def a little bit more than this. Actually it had lights and kids mainly skated it in the afternoon into the night. Great place, do wish this was a little more here but i’ll take what i can get!