Scholars Word…Surfers and Musicians

Their roots are fifteen years deep within the earth as they keep growing and spreading their rhythms and lyrics underground, gaining strength as they search for light within the hearts of their fans as well as finding their own paths towards a common goal of success.

 The name “Scholars Word” was born out of one of their own songs, as they realized the best life approach is to continue learning each day and share their knowledge through performing like a teacher or scholar.  The group, Michael Stauch, Chris Kearnes, and Bryce Creighton create their positive vibe and hypnotic songs together through their experiences, but the singer Bryce is responsible for the majority of lyrical content.  His band mate and the bassist Michael, have been producing music together since their early days as a Ska band, but it was their united passion for Roots Reggae that urged them towards the identity we know and love.  Joining them is an amazing saxophone player, Chris, who mesmerizes you with his scales.

Some of Scholar’s influences are well known groups like: Culture, Bob Marley and the Marley Family, Burning Spear, Luciano, Soul Majestic, SOJA, and South Africa’s Lucky Dube.  Scholars Word has been fortunate to play with some of their heroes throughout their nine album existence and recently wrapped up a tour this summer, trekking up to New York and playing shows throughout the east coast.  They were also featured in a new surf flick Sounds Of Waves, produced by Monumental Films and director Luke Thorpe.

Having highlighted Flagler Beach’s July 4th celebration last year, I personally witnessed them win the hearts of our town and bring alive an energy with their soulful music.  Their newly released album titled Perseverance, is an example of how talented these musicians are and the title is symbolic of their journey.  When I asked Bryce what the ultimate venue would be for Scholar’s he stated,”I would love to be able to play Florida festivals.  We are from here and want to play for our roots.” 

I hope soon that he is able to achieve this goal and wish his band the best   Cheers!


  1. What a great show Scholars Word puts on! With the great vibes and roots reggae they appeal to all ages! They have some major talent and heart. Peace and Love to all