First Friday for the second time…


What is First Friday you wonder in your mind…what does it all mean?? For some towns like St. Augustine and Ormond it’s an evening of strolling through lit up streets, shops staying open late, and proprietor’s greeting their valued customers with a bit of wine and delectable goodies.

For Flagler Beach there’s a bit of a twist. As we grow and mature into a town that can sustain quaint little boutiques and sidewalk cafes, we still are faced with the reality of how difficult it is to maintain a business, much less a profit. But there is hope on the horizon as people begin to understand the power of attitude and transform their response from agitation and upset into creativity and possibilities.

Our Flagler Beach First Friday’s purpose is more to attract people to the energy that this cool, funky little beach town fosters. We have a beautiful park sitting across from the Atlantic Ocean that creates the perfect setting for music, laughter, and camaraderie, as the sunset throws a cataclysmic dance of pinks, purples, yellows, and oranges across the sky. Local businesses are given the opportunity to come and network among themselves and the families who partake in the festivities, children big and small are invited to participate in a free activity that involves racing, coloring, or building, and live music provides the rhythm and beat for all positive vibrations and sensations.

We are a very lucky town to have an event like this each month. So come join the fun tomorrow night…the grassy knoll by the hanging’ll hear the music and maybe even see me dancing.  And for you shoppers…yes we even have cool stores selling goods in the moonlight.

First Friday June 3rd,  Veteran’s Park

Sailboat Rain Gutter Regatta Race

Sidewalk Chalk Coloring Event

TGIF Navy Band

Local Business Displays

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****special note****  This is a shout-out to a young lady who participated in last month’s first ever Cardboard Building Castle Contest…she was the only child to design and build her castle 100% by herself with no help from an adult.  Great Job!!!  Thank you for being a part of our experience and it looks by your determination alone that you will do amazing things in life!!  Cheers to YOU!