Rest in Peace…

I remember being seated on a killer comfy charter bus, surrounded by coolers of refreshments, engaged in silly conversations with my family workmates, driving through lush Florida country, and not having a care in the world. I remember my boss walking onto the bus with a shake in her voice and tears in her eyes. I remember her talking about a disaster, a crisis, a moment in time that will never be forgotten and within the next few hours I don’t believe I even remembered what she had said while the lives of thousands had just been twisted up into painful ever lasting knots.

The crisis on 9/11 was a giant punch in the face, a demonstration of pure evil and an example of what can happen when you are just not paying attention

My choice, my decision, my path I choose is to be happy, make the best of each situation, and be thankful. There are some moments you can never be prepared for… Make the best of your moments each and everyday because tomorrow is never guaranteed.  Cheers and smile– today is your beautiful day.