Brrrrr…Can someone fix the heater??


This photo was taken by force from James Scott Triplett


It’s funny how the other day I was contemplating putting on a bathing suit and now I sit bundled up in layer after layer of apparel.  I feel like a reptile.  Not only is my ability to move around greatly impaired (this is compounded by the several pounds I received for Christmas wrapped up in neat little bow of chocolate and powdered sugar) but I do believe my skin is drying out so much as though you could possibly use it for some designer boots, insulated of course.

I am not complaining about the weather, I gave that up a few years ago.  I just appreciate the bug infested west wind September dead heat of summer a little more right now.  And to make matters even more humorous is the fact that my heater is running at a cooler temperature than my air conditioner is ever aloud to do…

Just another day in Flagler Beach…Cheers