North Beach Spring Break Camp…Good Times

Flagler County is celebrating Spring Break this week as hundreds of kids and families have been cruising around town, basking in Mother Nature’s best weather yet this season.  The ocean brought out it’s aces as it complimented the sky with dazzling blue green colors reflecting off the sandy bottom of our crystal clear waters.  And then as if it couldn’t get any better the swell has been steady building all week to a glassy perfection…

What a life…especially if you are kiddo and found yourself enrolled at North Beach Surf Adventures Spring Break Camp.  Deal Breaker.

About 24 kids spent their four day s experiencing killer surf instruction, down time in the concrete skate zone, lazy afternoons paddling kayaks and SUP boards through an eco tour and to top it off a visit with Park Ranger Brian and his reptile friends.

To end the week they were given a chance to show their skills in a surf contest, some competing for the first time ever.

I had the opportunity to speak with a few of the campers to see what they really thought about their spring break experience.

14 year old first time camper Collin Mclellan said that “everything” was his favorite part of camp, despite the fact that he had a bandaged up leg from a serious game of catch on the beach.

Veteran Kelsea Mc Cormick said that surfing has opened her eyes to the desire of travel.  At the age of 8 it has also given her self confidence and amped up her willingness to do well in school.

Kai Jackson who was a first time competitor said her nerves helped her push through the pressure and she ended up unknowingly winning her heat.  “I kept hearing them announce names and thought oh no, my brother is gonna make fun of me.  When they got to the last one I wasn’t even paying attention cause I never thought I would have won.”  Kai ended up placing 5th overall in the beginners division.


Total fun had by all as they wrap up a week of life changing adventures and experiences.  But never fear Summer Sessions are on the horizon.  So make your plans to settle on the beach and send the kids off to surf camp or maybe you can join in the fun. Sign up here… Cheers!

Beginners Division:

1st Robbie Goodwin, 2nd  Kiah Hutcherson, 3rd Korbyn Tietjen, 4th Carl Burger, 5th Kai Jackson, 6th Jayden Jackson

Open Division:

1st Brayden Bryant, 2nd Shawn Arthur, 3rd Sky Blumenfeld, 4th Tom Burger, 5th Kelsea McCormick, 6th Hannah Blevins