Essay on sun prevention…bringing out Stars

Here it is groms!!!
In memory of Mike “Bowler” Cristello…The Bowler Strong Foundation has raised money in Mike’s memory, which will be used within the Flagler community. The Flagler Surf Club and Sully’s Surf Shop will be running an essay contest for the children. There will be 3 age groups, which are as follows: 7yrs and under, 8-13yrs old, and 14-18yrs old. The essay must be about skin protection from the sun and UV rays and the harm exposure can cause. We will be checking grammar, spelling, puncuation etc. The contest will run through Tuesday, July 17th at 6:00pm. The prizes are as follows.
Ages 7 and under=1st place $50 in surf gear, 2nd place $25.
Ages 8-13=1st place a trip to surf Typhoon Lagoon, 2nd $75
Ages 14-18=1st place a trip to Typhoon Lagoon, 2nd $75
We will be meeting next week to plant a tree in Bowler’s honor at the library. We will post more on that soon. The winners will need to be there, and we invite all to attend. The trip to Typhoon Lagoon will be upcoming. We will be renting out the entire wave pool for the night!!! So, sharpen those pencils and get to work. The 7 and under essay needs to be 250 words, 8-13 has to be 500 words, and 14-18 has to be 1000 words…..You may submit them at Sully’s or with Joe Eddy’s Flagler Surf Club!!! Remember the deadline is Tuesday at 6:00 on July 17th…….