Good Morning Monday…

It was a beautiful, busy weekend in Flagler Beach and I feel lucky to have experienced just a small part of it all.

Kicking off our Friday night, the family cruised up to the Lion to see David Lane’s album release to hundreds of adoring fans.  Packed with smiles and support, I couldn’t help but think David deserved such a strong send off, as he starts down the road where you can never have enough people telling you that you make their lives better.

Then bright and early with the sun, Special K and I headed off to the International Beach Clean Up.  It was reported that Flagler County had around 400 volunteers to come get trashed at our coastline.  Our stretch landed between south 16th-18th streets, in which a syringe (needle missing) was found, along with a funky looking medicine bottle that was said to be from beaches afar.  Aside from the residuals of late night partying it seemed a large portion of our trash was from folks who are under the impression that their cigarette butts just disappear.

Public Service Announcement: Our beach is not an ASHTRAY!

To wind down our Saturday evening we took a bicycle stroll up and down the roads of town as music filled the ocean breeze.  Five different restaurants had musicians outside strumming tunes from across the globe and through the decades, as we felt like we were on the ride…”It’s a Small World” because if you pay attention it is after all.

It was good times…even though I’ve yet to partake in the goods Nadine has been offering- so now I’ll close and go check the surf…Flagler Surf that is 🙂 Cheers!