I Found Me Some Treasure!


There is a whole lot of treasure to be found…and sometimes it happens right in your own back yard.

Technically, I didn’t unearth these beautifully handcrafted boxes from the back of my yard, or any yard to be precise.  However, it is because of my serious affliction to being a stay at home mom nosy neighbor that I was able to meet a really cool person and uncover some of the treasure he was hiding.  It only took a quick glance around his living space that I happened upon some of the absolutely most awesome looking wood boxes that I have ever seen.

The wood worker who goes by the name of Saw Dust Creations has been building these boxes for over 50 years.  He collects wood from all over the globe looking for specific pieces that may have been spalted or perhaps going an extra step into dying the wood to achieve an unusual effect.  No design is ever simple and every box is 100 percent original, with some taking up to 8 months to build.  A majority of the boxes have an interior lining while a few of them come adorned with carved features and pedestal feet.  The end result is a beautiful manipulation of one of our most prized natural resources.

So if you are in the market for an amazing treasure or perhaps you wanted to “think outside the box” for an upcoming holiday you can purchase these remarkable pieces from The Artisan Box Company @ http://stores.ebay.com/The-Artisan-Box-Company.

And that’s why you should get to know your neighbors folks…they might have some treasure…or at least let you borrow an egg. Cheers!