Spontaneous Tuesday…proofing up my life.

I am not an impulse shopper…in fact when I usually go on a shopping trip, meaning items not required for survival, I very rarely spend large amounts of money.  My habit is too actually cruise around the store with the intent to purchase and then at the last minute “the voice” inside my head says “you don’t need any of this crap” and put it all back.  Unfortunately to the dismay of retail staff it probably was not returned in its original place- I apologize, I’m one of those people.

Which brings me to my iphone…I must first divulge the fact that mine is a very functioning refurbished model for the whopping price of fifty bucks.  However, the monthly fee pains me to the point of guilt and flashing headlines of starving children, but in my mind my thrifty nature allows me this one guilty pleasure.  I pay a handsome price to be completely distracted from the universe and I love it.  That confessed- my spontaneous moment occurred while at Staples picking up some needed office materials. In a weak moment I added a Lifeproof case to my basket and I’m not going to look back.  Unless of course it fails and like the slides in Chutes and Ladders I am descend back upon the lands of  antiquated flip phones- if they still make them.

I did almost break it trying to put the darn thing on… so we will see just how life proof it really is 🙂


*Bonus* it lists surfing as an acceptable activity- or relaxing in a bath– now I can use my iphone everywhere!

Check in tomorrow to see what’s Naturally Cool!