Spontaneous Tuesday…I went for a surf.

Lately it seems I am dragging my fingers to the keyboard to push out a few words, thoughts or even to just copy and paste a picture.  But there is a change in the air… at least that’s what I keep telling myself, so I am rolling a reflection into a spontaneous post in which I decided to go for a surf  today and it felt great.

The month started off with me letting go of a “volunteer job” that I had done for over a year as the emcee host of Flagler Beach First Friday’s. It was fun while it lasted but change is good and so is a breath of fresh air which is exactly what I needed.  I also added another year to my personal calendar and decided to celebrate by going camping, which is perfectly reasonable and quite fun if you go when there is a refreshing crispness in the air.   Camping during the throes of summer will only get you blank stares and sarcastic comments unless you happen to have an RV…and no we do not have one.  But a great time was had as I was surrounded by wonderful people, even with the few extra hundred mosquitos swarming our personal space- I guess that’s why we invented bug spray.


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This past weekend I experienced the dichotomy of good and evil as a thief or maybe a few thieves stole a loved piece of yard art from my home…An awesome patinaed copper dolphin lived in my tree for over 13 years and now probably resides in a scrap pile traded for a drug fix.  In the scheme of life it’s really a small detail but unfortunately reveals a road more people are prepared to travel down even though it usually ends with their own demise.   But the good always out weighs the negative, as I was very fortunate to spend a moment helping two young men battling a real fight during the Surfers For Autism event here in Flagler Beach.  The time spent with these special children and their families truly  makes your heart grow.  You receive a gift when you feel their excitement and joy  when catching a wave.  The gift grows as you witness  happiness exploding across the  faces of their loved ones as they watch impassable barriers begin to crumble.  It truly is an amazing day at the beach!

event day 2013

And to end this little August summary of my life, my smallish daughter attended her 2nd day of classroom learning, my son is beginning the last part of the first half of his required education and we are all still smiling.  I am excited to see my children grow- it freaks me out how quickly it happens but I love the visions of the human beans they may become—someone has to make this world a better place.  As for me I get a little more time to catch a wave- which always brightens my day. Cheers to it being Tuesday and some personal time-

Here are some links to great local coverage of the 4th Annual Surfers For Autism– Flagler Beach:

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