Happy Day of Your Birth~


1-15-13I was going to write about how I gave birth at home and why I decided to do so.  I was going to explain how I am successfully raising my son one way and then turned around and changed my entire parenting strategy in raising my daughter for absolutely no real reason other than because…I felt like it.  I was going to explain to you how much it has been a struggle for me this go around- how I realized that when my son was born he was my life and now having my daughter that has become part of my world.  I was going to confess that it has been hard to accept her amazing qualities that will serve her well in her independent life, but while she needs me they are ridiculously frustrating.  I was going to reveal all the mistakes I have made, continue to make and will keep making as a human learning to be a parent.

And then I decided this was enough for now…
Happy Birthday~ May all your dreams come true…xoxo Love, Mom

If you would like to read about the day of her birth…look here.

This was written on my old personal blog- which has not been updated in a very long time but may be revisited sooner than later- there is also an audio clip if you are truly glutton for punishment- Cheers and Enjoy!