Flagler’s Finest: Sean Moylan

          Sean Moylan was born in Boston but his family transitioned from a big city Irish community to sleepy Flagler Beach when he was only nine months old.  I have personally known Sean since I was ten and we share a unique award.  The two of us were hand selected by our fellow class members as “class clowns” in both 8th grade and 12th grade.

            Sadly, I still think I’m funny while Sean is out changing the world. 

Sean is among a small group of graduates from F.P.C. to attend and graduate from an Ivy League school.  During his junior year at Columbia he spent a semester in Australia studying the Aboriginees and then stopped over in Fiji where he acclimated himself to their ritualized customs.  He re-told his experience of having to meet the Tribal Chief saying,” When you entered his space you had to make sure your head was lower than his at all times and ask permission to stay in his region.  You were also supposed to bring a gift; it was good to bring Kava.”

Finishing with a degree from Columbia, a master’s from UF, and a Juris Doctorate from Florida A&M, Sean has also managed to fit in normal life things like living in a co-op in San Francisco and teaching in one of the nation’s poorest school districts, the South Bronx.  He has also shared his gift of teaching with our school system, spending time as a teacher at Indian Trails and moonlighting as a substitute until just now.

Sean was simultaneously in the process of getting his personal law practice underway and helping a fellow teacher when he witnessed a lifetime opportunity for the taking.  The recently resigned Flagler County Superintendent Bill Delbrugge is leaving for Egypt to set up and educational environment for students prepping for westernized college and was inquiring about the teacher Sean had been assisting.  Not in the right place the teacher passed up the offer and Sean took it.  He said, “I’m lucky I had two months to prepare myself or I would have gone crazy.  There’s a lot to do when you are moving to a place like Egypt.”

Yet again Sean joins a select few who will be leaving Flagler County and preparing for the career experience of a lifetime.  “Education is my true passion” he said as he looks forward to advancement into administration.   When I asked him my token question of whether or not he plans on returning to Flagler Beach he replied, “Home is where the heart is, my family is here, and it’s where I grew up.”

And if my two cents count…we’ll be lucky when he does.